Stem Cells Organizing Committee

Robert Hariri

Founder & CEO, Celularity,Co-founder ,Vice Chairman, Human Longevity,
Former Founder and Chairman, Celgene Cellular Therapeutics

Biography: Bob Hariri is a Co-founder and Vice Chairman, Human Longevity, Inc. F ReadMore...

Research Interest: Discovery of pluripotent stem cells,Tissue Engineering,Biome ReadMore...

Todd Malan

founder of the Innovative Cosmetic Surgery Center
Brigham Young University

Biography: Dr. Todd Malan is considered one of the true pioneers of fat derived s ReadMore...

Research Interest: Regenerative Medicine , Stem Cells ,

Desirée Cox

Founder and CEO of Desiree Cox & Associates Founder and CEO of The HEALinc (
Oxford University
Nassau, Bahamas and London, UK

Biography: Dr.DESIREE COX, MD, PhD – Rhodes Scholar, educated at McGill Univers ReadMore...

Research Interest: Stem cell and regenerative medicine, bioethics, exponential ReadMore...

Helen Wheadon

Senior Researcher at University of Glasgow
University of Bath
United Kingdom

Biography: Helen completed her PhD in 1997 at University College London. Her care ReadMore...

Research Interest: Stem Cell Biology, Cancer Science ,Translational Medicine

Bianca Marchetti

Associate Professor of Pharmacology (BIOMETEC)
University of Catania

Biography: Prof. B. Marchetti is a member of > 30 national and international neur ReadMore...

Research Interest: Prof. Marchetti’s fields of interests include hormones, ne ReadMore...

Mahmood S Choudhery

Assistant Professor
King Edward Medical University, Lahore

Biography: Dr. Choudhery earned a BS (Hons) degree from the University of Punjab ReadMore...

Research Interest: Stem cell based regenerative therapies, Tissue Engineering a ReadMore...

Lucie Bacakova

Professor of Faculty Science
Czech academy of Science
Czech Republic

Biography: Lucie Bacakova has graduated from the Faculty of General Medicine, Cha ReadMore...

Research Interest: Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering etc

Michele Zocchi

Managing director of CSM and Zoccchi Clinic
University of Turin

Biography: Michele Zocchi graduated in Turin in 1976. He lived for over ten years ReadMore...

Research Interest: Regenerative Medicine , Cord blood cells, Lipoplasty,tissue ReadMore...

Pedro Morouco

Head Biofabrication Research Group Centre for Rapid and Sustainable Product Development, Polytechnic Institute of Leiria
University of Beira Interior

Biography: Pedro Morouço is a very enthusiastic and provoking early-career resea ReadMore...

Research Interest: Cartilage Regeneration and 4d Bio Printing, Biomaterials

Frank Staal

Professor at Leiden University Medical Center
University of Rotterdam

Biography: Professor Frank Staal’s research is centred around the differentiati ReadMore...

Research Interest: Retroviral transduction ,Gene therapy,Stem cell assays, FTOC ReadMore...

Ivana Haunerova

State Institute for Drug Control
Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague
Czech Republic

Biography: Ivana Haunerova is a Quality Assessor for biotech and advanced therapy ReadMore...

Research Interest: Quality assessment of biological and biotechnological drug ReadMore...